So, You Call Yourself A Poker PLAYER?

I wonder how many of you readers can actually say you are a poker player?

What exactly is a poker player?

Well, a poker player is many things, it all depends on your viewpoint. I have my own ideas on that and obviously am happy to share them.

Poker is a game of “Incomplete Information” or so I am reliably informed by all the poker forums and schools that now litter the net. So really, you can only play with the information you do have, being as you don’t have it all. The only time you will have all the information is if you go to “Showdown” where all players left in a hand show their cards at the end and the best hand wins. Easy huh? How much more information do any of us need?

Information comes in many guises. A wee test for you, [no, not a wee of that nature] write down how many sources of information you can get from an online poker table where all you see are avatars and cards. You might be surprised at what you come up with.

But I digress.

It’s very difficult to define a poker PLAYER. The image changes throughout the many levels of the game that exist. Is the man who knows how to play most forms and variations of poker a PLAYER? Is the man who wins a big tournament a PLAYER? Is the woman who beats a full field of men a Player?

My answer is yes to all of these. But many opinions belonging to the readers may disagree.

We can all define what we think is a true PLAYER. Well those who know the game can anyway. Each definition with differ as just like Q3o, it’s all about opinions and how we forge them. Thats for another time.

Next time someone asks me if I am a poker PLAYER, I want to say yes I am. I am proud of that and I want the stats to back up my bold claim to be a PLAYER. Then and only then will I rest in my quest to learn this game and be as good as I can be. I mean, how hard can it be? It only a card game when all said and done. But its a card game with so many nuances and cracks and crevices to hide information in, that to learn the game is tough, to master it is, by all definitions, impossible.

If you think you are a PLAYER, then come and join me over at and lets see just how good you really are.



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