Beat up?

Heres the next blog in the life of a part time, wannabe poker player.

Today I am going to delve into the realms of bad beats and suckouts. Anyone who plays poker will know what I am talking about and has no doubt suffered their own fair share of both.

I would estimate, that on average, I hear at least one complaint about a suckout/bad beat per game I play. Thats more than likely being conservative. On each table in a MTT [Multi Table Tournament] theres probably at least one mention per rotation.

I used to feel really aggrovated when I suffered a beat or a suckout. I would be swearing at the screen, cursing my opponent and telling myself that was it, I was done with this crap game played by idiots. But then I came upon a very good poker article about beats and suckouts. It went something along the lines of, that if you put chips into a hand when you think you are ahead and lose to a worse hand, you have done what, in time, will be a profitable move.

Hers a couple of examples of what I mean.

You are playing a MTT game and its about 30 mins in and the blinds are still low. The table is playing pretty tight overall but with one loose agressive player sitting to your right. He has raised a lot of pots and called hands down to the river often with air. So you sit in the hijack and he is in mid position. You get dealt QQ. What are you going to do? its a solid starting hand and you are obviously going to play it. The LAG to your right raises the pot yet again and you decide its time you maybe took some if not all of his chips. You call his 4xBB raise and the action is folded to the BB who also calls. The BB has been rather passive and will often fold to a c bet or 3 bet. The flop comes down, Jd, 8c, 5c. Great! You have the overpair to the board and its looking good to make a good profit here. The BB checks, the Lag puts in a 1/2 pot sized bet and you decide its time to raise the stakes and make him pay. You re raise him to a pot sized bet and the BB folds and the Lag calls. The turn card is Ah. Not a great card for you, but, not too bad either. It could work to your advantage. The lag checks and you check behind him hoping that he will bet big on the river after you show weakness on the turn. The river comes down 2c. Not a great card as it completes the flush draw of the LAG if thats what he has. The LAG checks so you throw out a 2/3 pot bet and he insta raises you all in! WTF right? What do you do? If you call and he has his fluch, you are out. If you fold you are going to be very short stacked with still a long way to go. This happens so frequently its almost odds defying. But, you did the right thing, apart from maybe the turn, thats open to speculation and will depend on the type of player you are. But you got your chips in when it mattered and although you are probably beat here, long term, its a profitable play. Thats what you need to do, thing long term, not instant results, a mistake a lot of new players, including myself make.

So if you look at the situation, after the event, you will be able to see that although maybe not the perfect play, you really did very little wrong. The fact that this time maybe you lost the hand is immaterial, you are going to get players making mistakes and profit from hands like these in the long term. That is what you are after. You want players like this putting money into pots and make mistakes, thats your profit over the long term, so why be annoyed or angry that you got a player to make a mistake.

That ladies and gentlemen is how you can stop these beats and suckouts affecting you. I want opponents to play 64o against me as I know, over the next 10k hands, I am going to take more chips from him than he will take from me, unless variance is a bitch and says otherwise.

Happy flops folks.



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