Ok, for some of you out there, you will be asking what the hell my name could mean.  Pspacer11 means absolutely nothing by itself and I have to agree. But, knowing and understanding some of the background behind it all explains how it came about.

I am an active member of an online poker forum/community called Pokerspace. It’s a great place to meet fellow poker players, talk poker, play poker and post blogs and forum topics.

I think if you click the link it should take you to the community homepage and you can take it from there. the school is a good place to start. It matters not what you level of skill is, it’s a good test to see just how much you think you know about poker. Be warned, the outcome can be surprising!

Theres all manner of things going on at Pokerspace. Theres a weekly tournament schedule for members only, with points and cash to be won and a great team event called the Crew Cup where the prize is an all expenses trip to somewhere, usually a casino hotspot or something like that.

Anyway, I digress. I have been a member there for almost a year now and have enjoyed the ride so far. I have improved my game, which is why I signed up in the first place and won two Indy Leagues, various tournaments and also the Crew Cup. To have done all this inside of my first 12 months has been staggering and shows how much my game has improved. The Crew Cup prize this year was for a trip to Las Vegas to play the live OFC [online forum challenge] at the end of June. Hotel accommodation, travel expenses and buy ins are all paid for and theres cash left over for some spending money. Not bad huh. Oh, there’s also the annual PSOC event which is the Pokerspace Online Championship. It’s almost a mini WSOP with various events with different buy ins and prizes. All events can be satellited into.

Anyway, that’s where the name comes in. My nic on Pokerspace is Tino11, but that was already taken by the time I got here. So I had the task of thinking up a new nic that incorporated my own nic and the community I represent. So to me, Pspacer11 was a good compromise, one that I am happy with and one that suggests where I might be coming from.

I would think by now, all you poker players from the US are aware of the UIGEA  regs put forward by your government to either restrict you from playing poker, or to find some way of taxing the revenue from poker and online gambling.

This blog from one of our distinguished administrators shows the latest news about all this nonsense. Unfortunately, this  whole situation threatens us all as online poker players as I feel certain that other governments of the world will try to follow suit.

So now you have some idea of what we are about. Why not jump on over and pay us a visit and see for yourself whats on offer. Nothing ventured, nothing gained right? I am sure, once you have a butchers [look] you will be hooked.


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