A recent blog from elsewhere.

I would guess by now, anyone who reads any of my blogs will realise that I am a keen poker player. I never said I was good, just keen. You may also know that I am a member of a poker forum/community called Pokerspace. I have also been known to write the odd blog or two there as well. I arrived there to find a great community of poker players, many who were more than happy to help new players. Also, there was a feeling that there were poker players there who would happily help anyone in a fix. However, this is not the reason for this blog, some of what is mentioned here is also mentioned in my other blogs.

Pokerspace has just resurrected an old accolade called ‘Blogger of the Month’ but renamed it ‘Blogger of the Week’ and this rewards good poker related blogs with not only a fresh, new  accolade, but also some PS points which just happen to be the currency of the place as well. So there are some decent blogs going up already which are very good and very interesting.

There is also a referral programme going on right now and you can join Pokerspace by using the last hyperlink. That will help both Pokerspace and me make a few dollars.

Just to change tack a little now. I have the ultimate privelege to look after my Granddaughter one day a week and for numerous sleepovers. Its great to be trusted enough to look after someone elses child. Its kind of like looking after another players chips. They trust you not to steal them or screw them out of a few along the way. Our son is doing the same with us in a roundabout way. He knows how much I like to play, but also knows that I would never allow a poker game come before any of my family, just the same as i would never screw a friend out of poker chips.

There are a lot of similarities between poker and life if you look for them.  Sometimes in life, just as in poker, we need to gamble. We can only try and make that gamble less of a risk by knowing some kind of information that lessens the risk. In poker, the game of incomplete information, there are various ways of lessening the risk of the gamble we are about to take. We can use previous knowledge of our opponents and their betting strategies, we can use statistical data from some of the poker tools like PT3, we can use our own poker image to intimidate opponents,  we can use our own betting strategies to induce an opponent to fold. Whatever method we choose, it can make the risk a viable one. We take risks in life every day. Sometimes we dont even know the risks we take are there, we take them for granted. I minimise risk wherever possible by just using all my life experience to assess the level of the gamble, if the risk is too high, just like in poker, I turn the chance down and look for a better oppurtunity. So in many cases, life has helped me assess the risk of the gamble in playing a given poker hand and poker has helped me turn a gamble down by using the fold to cease my involvement in a hand.

Well thats enough of my ramblings for one day. This one was inpromptu and off the cuff , I had no intention of adding another blog today. But maybe they are the best ones. I shall leave the reader to be the judge of that.



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