What is winning really?

This blog comes about after a couple of posts in my favourite poker forum about winning at what it actually is/means. Obviously, winning means different things to different people. What I view as winning another person might think it nothing special. So what is winning then? Well its a bit of an open ended question really as winning is so many different things to so many different people.

Let me try and bring some sense into the matter. The dictionary definition shows that winning is noun and is the act of a person or thing that wins. Or something that is won, a prize or cash usually. But its also adjective and that changes the situation slightly as it can be then used more as a description of a person and their character/personality. So as we can see, it can still be quite complex in its true meaning.

But, we are using it as a noun and asking “What is Winning” in more of a sporting or competetive sense. There are those that are of the opinion that it is not the winning that counts, but the taking part in whatever competition. I say that he who finishes 2nd is often forgotten. Who remembers who came 2nd in the 2008 WSOP? I bet not many. As its World Cup year for the soccer community, who were the runners up in 2006? Not easy is it. No one will ever remember that you took part, but they will remember if you win! So saying that the taking part is the important part is partialy true, but most of us would rather win.

Anyway, I read a couple of these blogs and started thinking what winning actually means to me and it was hard to come up with a definative answer or conclusion. Winning comes in many different forms. A person who battles and beats cancer could definately be thought of as a winner. They won the battle against one of mankinds worst diseases. A child hooking a duck at the local fair and gaining a prize is no doubt a winner. The one who wins the WSOP main event will win a huge financial windfall. So as it becomes more obvious, there are many types of winners. But after much thought and pondering the meaning of the word, I was left with this,

Winning is doing the best you can,
Winning is running the race you just ran,
Winning is the dawning of another new day,
Winning is how you smile that way,
Winning is taking an inch but never the mile,
Winning is about greeting a friend with a smile,
Winning is helping ones less fortunate than you,
Winning is accepting another persons view,
Winning is supporting the people you love,
Winning is thanking the heavens above,
Winning is giving to others you know,
Winning is reaping the seeds that you sow,
Winning is watching you grandchildren play,
Winning is living life the right way,
Winning is music, a melody, a tune,
Winning is the rising of another new moon,
Winning is whatever you want it to be,
But all of this is winning to me.

As a lover of life and all it entails, I think we are all winners in our own way. Its wrong to class someone a loser as we have no idea of past or future victories. You might beat me on a poker table, but I might kick your butt on a squash court. So that to me makes us both winners, just in different areas of life.

The next time you see someone, or meet someone and you start to think of them as a loser, just stop for a second or two and remind yourself that this person could have had any amount of wins in their life, or that there might be many to come in their future. Dont be so quick to condemn someone without a trial.



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