Playing to Win

I was sitting with my laptop ready one day,
Reading about poker whilst waiting to play,
There were aticles and sites and pages galore,
Some of them impossible for me to ignore.

Charts for this and charts for that,
And forums and blogs where you would be able to chat,
Pre flop, post flop, check, raise or fold,
Play it tight is what beginners are told.

The amount of info is a real mryiad,
Calling or limping we are told are both bad,
Raising and re raising is the name of the game,
Taking down pots is your only aim.

The screen suddenly changes and up pops the felt,
The hole cards come out as each hand is dealt,
Avatars stare blankly as the calls are all made,
The chips going in making a coloured cascade.

The flop hits the board and is so very dry,
I missed it completely, now what shall I try?
Make a bluff when I am out of position?
Or fold them now, it’s a tough decision.

So fold them it is, thats what the books say,
Dont be giving cheap chips away,
Position, position is all that I hear,
Really that decision was perfectly clear.

Take your time, exercise patience and wait,
Breathe in deeply, control that heart rate,
Sooner or later you’ll get a good hand,
Then you will see your chip stack expand.

Through the levels you patiently grind,
The final table is utmost in mind,
Thats where the cash and the glory are found,
Thats where the champion is newly crowned.

And now there are three, the only ones left,
Stealing the blinds and antes aint theft,
You do what it takes so you can survive,
Your only aim is staying alive.

Its down to Heads Up, now there are two,
This is reserved for only a few,
Many have tried but fall at the last,
You have played well, your rivals outclassed.

The war rages on, the traps are in place,
Now all there is, is to win this last race,
You flop the nuts and your opponent check raised,
Then when you shove, he looks totally amazed.

The stacks in the middle, now the turn and the river,
You paid the ferryman now he has to deliver,
The cards are all down, the chips are all in,
You take it down, this one you win!

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