Playing with the Devil

Playing with the Devil.

I approached the table to take up my seat,
Hoping to avoid all the inevitable beats,
The dealer was there and waiting to deal,
Another big win I was hoping to seal.

I looked at my opponents in shades and in hats,
Why would anyone look so stupid as that?
Some listened to music on the latest iphone,
Singing along they were irritatingly prone.

The clock started ticking, the action begun,
The first player limped from under the gun,
I looked down and guess what I saw?
Those aces looked good like never before.

Into the pot the chips left my stack,
Into this limper would be my attack,
The raise was just 3x as I wanted to see,
If Under the Gun would raise over me.

He only flat called, we were getting some action,
The flop came down and I looked for a reaction,
There was no emotion, only a blank stare,
If I wanted reaction, no point looking there.

He checked that flop and I got a suprise,
I tried to see into those deep dark eyes,
Looking down to see those three little cards,
Thats one board I would so like to hit hard.

Ace number three, a two and a seven,
I thought I had died and gone to heaven,
I had to think fast and I was after his chips,
Becoming the big stack helped avoid those coin flips,

So two thirds of the pot I bet and I waited,
Would he take that hook that I had delicately baited?
He looked straight ahead, with never a flicker,
It mattered not if he had a high kicker.

He thought for some time, then raised me all in,
To miss out on this pot would be a cardinal sin,
So in my chips went and the turn was a five,
I knew for sure that my cards were live.

So all that was left was that dreaded river,
My heart pumped hard and my legs were aquiver,
The dealer turned over the six of the spades,
And that was his draw that he had so wanted made.

He turned over the cards that I dreaded to see,
I looked on distraught and I saw that four three,
He hit his straight, I was left feeling numb,
He sucked me in and I had been dumb.

I saw only my set and thought I had this hand won,
I’ll beat this limper from under the gun,
He knew what I had though and played me so well,
All he saw was my obvious tell.

He saw me smile when the ace hit the felt,
I only saw the cards that the dealer had dealt,
He looked me over and I did the same,
That Devil he plays one helluva a game!

Tino11 15/12/2010
All rights reserved.



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