I was thinking to myself the other day and this started to form in my mind. I believe, we maybe dont know ourselves as well as we think we do. I always considered myself to be mentally strong, emotionally balanced and psychologically of sound mind. In difficult circumstances, I now see myself in a different light and have come to realise I am not as strong as I thought I was. Its very hard to admit to oneself that you now have weaknesses and doubts in certain areas of your life Some would have you believe that this is not the case, but everywhere I look and I mean everywhere, I see people struggle to make sense of themselves and the lives they lead. Even people who thought the way I used to are only kidding themselves. They try to display strength, but everything about them screams otherwise, yet they fail to see it.

I think some may see this as a negative commentary, myself I see it more as a realistic commentary than negative. I am not in the habit anymore of lying to myself and to be honest, I dont care who knows that. So I guess the message here is, it doesn’t matter who you are, the most important aspect, in my opinion, is to accept who you are.

Often we see what we would want to see,
Often we feel what we would want to feel,
Often we become totally confused,
Often we lose sight of what is truly real.

Often we are convinced of strength within,
Often we are weaker that we would beieve,
Often we become somewhat conceited,
Often we flatter, only to decieve.

Often we have talents hidden beneath,
Often we find depths that remain unseen,
Often we misinterpret signals sublime,
Often we wallow in the depths of routine.

Often we let others guide us along,
Often we live from day to day,
Often we follow, where instead we should lead,
Often we are blind and have lost our way.

Often we see obstacles placed in our path,
Often we seek a light where there is nothing but black,
Often we run before we can walk,
Often we we find there is no turning back.

Often we believe but have little faith,
Often we read, but the words have no meaning,
Often we fear, but fear what we dont know,
Often we pass by without intervening.

Often we think when our thoughts should be quiet,
Often we speak but our voice is unheard,
Often we long, but for what we dont know,
Often we leap when should be deterred.

Today, stop and think and revise what you thought,
Today, you may be right, but also you may be wrong,
Today, live your life the way it should be,
Because before you know it your life will be gone.


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