Profile of a Dead Poker Player.

When you see my profile,
What does it really say?
Does it tell you anything?
Does it help you in any way?

So you guessed I like to play poker,
Is that really such a suprise?
What did you expect when you saw me?
Isn’t it obvious before your eyes?

This is a poker site they tell me,
At least I think that is true?
What defines a poker site?
Is it the profiles of me and of you?

You see I write my own profile,
Did you do the very same?
Or did somebody write it for you?
Is that all part of the game?

You see, my profile is there to trick you,
Is it a tell all of its own?
Do I really play on that many sites?
You see, it could all be unknown?

I want you to see what your eyes tell you,
Is that a puzzle in front of you?
Do you believe what your eyes tell you?
Do you need another review?

There is so much disinformation,
Is there lies I could obviously tell?
My profile is just another poker hand?
Could it really be a soft sell?

I sneak in and sneak out, you dont hear me,
Do you believe I were actually here?
Is it all part of the deception?
Or is it really perfectly clear?

Dont believe all you see and hear,
Dont trust in all that you read,
Dont take it all for granted,
Its the planting of just one more seed.

That seed will grow and be healthy,
Insde your mind it will bloom,
The doubt sets in and you fear me,
I am not all that you presumed.

So when you next read my profile,
Be sure of what your eyes see,
I wouldn’t want it to trick you again,
I want you to believe thats me.


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