Subconcious Delight

I have seen their sorrow, I have felt their pain,
I have stood unwashed in the cold December rain,
I have seen the future and all that it entailed,
I have lived the past and seen that mankind failed.

I have seen the apathy, seeping into our bones,
I have watched respect, fall as heavy as a stone,
I have been to the end of the road, and yet ventured back,
I have lived a life, suffocated in jet black.

I have dreamt of times gone by, of journeys great and small,
I have watched as empires grew, only to watch them fall,
I have seen the lights blown out, by winds that have an edge,
I have made my peace, and also made my pledge.

I have thoughts of cold, dull steel,
I have been there, at the invention of the wheel,
I have known more than you could have ever learned,
I have had those things that men have always yearned.

I have shown you glimpses, seen the fear upon thy face,
I have stolen your soul, taken you to that place,
I have seen your demons, torment and tease your mind,
I have offered you the peace that you could never find.

I am your subconcious, I drive you without permission,
I am your subconcious, I am accepting your submission,
I am your subconcious, the one you never see,
I am your subconcious, I am what you want me to be.


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