The long count passes on, relentlessly,
The days drift by without remorse,
The sands of time roll onwards, across deserts,
The sundial meets its zenith, one last time.

The End of Days is predicted, expected,
The end of life as we know it to be,
The change will be upon us, above us,
The Age of Aquarius is nigh.

The sun will climb high, its solstice with winter days,
Align with the galactic plane, it meets,
The event of a lifetime, single, threatening,
Looms larger with the passing of cycles.

The Earth turns, its axis the point of no return,
The magnetic poles reverse, tips, tilts,
Our lives topple, cease, then reborn,
The new eon has arrived, to live, to love.

What once was, is gone, depleted by force,
What once was, is no longer with us in our hour of need,
What once was is no more, eroded by storms that were ours,
What once was, shall be again, let it be.

The tick, the tock, of our being is loud,
The timepiece reflects on the universe and its mirror,
Onwards soldiers of time, march to victory,
Let us breathe once again.


3 responses to “2012

  • damgoodgirl76259@yahoo.com

    Good work Tino. I loved it and I shall share it with my family and friends. Thank you. Liz

    • Tino11

      Thanks for your continued support Liz, I think you are about my only audience. I am glad that someone reads some of my ramblings, somewhere, sometime.

      • damgoodgirl76259@yahoo.com

        If I didn’t like your ramblings I wouldn’t comment. But I do and I have much respect for you as well.

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