Waiting, Waiting, Waiting.

I am not the most patient of people these days. I used to be, but not any longer. Must be something to do with whatever condition it is that I have.

So here we are, Saturday morning and I am waiting yet again. I did my usual fortnightly grocery shop last night and a two hour delivery slot is £5.50 on a Saturday. For an 8 hour delivery slot, its only £2.50, so yes, I am a cheapskate and go for the cheaper option. We only live 10 minutes from the store, but we always seem to be last on the list, lol. I dont mind during the winter months, but come spring and summer, its good to at least try to get out more.

So we are sitting here reading the daily papers, me writing blogs and reading my book [nearly finished now] and just relaxing. We are dying for a good cup of tea, we ran out of tea on Thursday and have lived on coffee since. I like coffee, especially with Baileys Irish Cream in it and a dash of cream, but like most Brits, I still love my cuppa. That will be the first thing to do when the shopping arrives, make a good, strong cup of tea. That always feels more refreshing than coffee somehow. I am no fan of iced tea or Earl Grey or anyhing like that, I just like a cuppa in the morning, lunchtime and afternoon, coffee is reserved for after the evening meal. So please Mr Delivery Man, hurry up with our tea, we are clamming [really wanting something to eat or drink] here.

Then, later on, we have my favourite sandwich lined up. Ham and Pease Pudding on a tiger bun x2 with cheese and crackers and crisps and a drink of some kind, maybe a Baccardi tonight with heaps of ice and plenty of lemon, thats so refreshing, it goes down a treat. No doubt it wont stop at one either, but it wont go too far, I have lost enough days of my life to the dreaded hangover. I never used to get them. I could drink all day and night and never suffer, we used to do all weekend sessions and drank ourselves sober halve the time [yes it is possible] but now, a couple of pints of beer, a few glasses of wine or a spirit too many and I am useless the following day. So I do try to be responsible and drink in moderation so I dont get that bad head the following day. My old man is odd with drink as well. 2 beers and he is drunk and I mean drunk! but he can down half a bottle of whiskey and remain sober, or thereabouts. Thats just unreal. We have all been good drinkers in our dysfunctional family. I found drink early. I went to live with my old man when I was 12 and he always had bottles in the house. I used to take a small bottle, fill it with bits out of every bottle I could find, throw in something sweet like coke and drink it for the friday night disco at the youth club. There was nothing else worth doing in that place. Drink and drugs became a way of life, very early. My brother found the bottle when he was about 19 and he crawled inside the damned thing for abot 5 years. He was always drining, but seldom drunk. My lil sis [she is older than me, but smalle, hence lil sis] was more into drugs. Going to a party with her was always great, she always got a freebie from someone and we had some rare old nights. My favourite was, a damned good drink 10-15 pints, then a couple of spliffs and then some poppers. Poppers are lie amyl nitrate, blow ya head off, but the effect after a drink and a spliff was amazing. So we all liked a good time, just the good times nearly took over.

My sis went to Liverpool, I ended up north here in Newcastle and my bro is stil down there with the madwomen he calls a wife. She would be enough to drive anyone to drink.

Me and my lil sis had to get away, the drink and drug culture had us in its grip and was not letting go. The only way out was addiction or get away. I still liked a good smoke, I have smoked cannabis since I was about 14 and only kicked it 3 years ago, now I just like the occasional drink and leave it at that. Its so easy to get trapped into that way of life, but so hard to get away from. But we did and thats all that counts really.

So I am stil waiting and still dying for that cup of tea, but I shall just have to wait a bit longer. I think we might sit down and watch a movie or something, they always come halfway through a good movie, lol. Theres a few we haven’t watched in awhile, so I am sure we can find something.

So thats my Saturday pretty much taken care of. Tonight, we will sit down and share a bar of chocolate and watch Casualty, then I will watch the football highlights and that will be day over. Tomorrow I will be doing the Sunday dinner, so probably wont have time to blog, but I would much rather make sunday dinner than bore you with another blog.

So Toodle Pip, until next time boys and girls, this is Uncle Tino signing off.


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