Pancake Day.

How could I forget Pancake Day? If it weren’t for a phonecall from my son, it would have passed off unnoticed by this household for sure and we would have missed a true delight.

I had to send out for emergency ingredients just so I could make pancakes. Tuesdays go like this, week in, week out,

The little one is with us all day either after a sleep over or an early drop off.

Dad comes to pick her up when he finishes work, could be 5.30- 6.00 pm before he arrives. Theres always a meal there for him and he wolfs that down and takes the little one home.

We tidy up and flop down onto a chair, both knackered.

Thats our Tuesday taken care of. But yesterday was different. I had the dubious task of making pancakes and what  job I did, even if I say so myself. We had fresh lemons to squeeze and sugar to sprinkle and I had an extra pair of hands to help me along. I made a deal withthe little one, if she did something, she could help grandad make pancakes and she never forgets deals like that.

So we left grandma and daddy talking and hit the kitchen. I had made the batter mix earlier and stored it in the fridge, prior preparation and all that. It was light, it was chilled and not a lump in sight. So the little one says,

“Grandad, theres nowhere for me to sit” and she was right, every surface was occupied and theres no way she is sitting on a hard stone floor. So grandad made some space and sat the little one on the worktop next to the fridge freezer, where she often sits when I am cooking. Its far enough away from the cooker for her to come to any harm and she is good as gold and sits and watches me cooking up a storm. I like to cook [good job] and its one of the few things I can do without falling over. The kitchen is too small for that to happen, lol.

Anyway, I set the frying pan on fire as I heated it and then set to and cooked us pancakes. The little one was in charge of the lemons and held onto them like her very life depended on them. I took one and cut it in half ready for the squeeze [poker again] and she licked one half and cringed at the sour taste. I did the same and pulled a real face at just how sour they were and we both did this for a few minutes and both laughed at each others faces. Grandma and daddy wondered what was going on, but left us to it. The first pancake was lovely. We squeezed lemon juice on and sprinkled some sugar and cut it up into bite sized portions and both tucked in. It was delicious and gone in seconds. I made a few more, some for daddy and more for me and the little one. Grandma doesn’t like them. They all came out really well. The secret is the pan needs to be smoking hot when you pour the batter in. Leave alone for 3 minutes, dont touch anything, let it cook. Then you can flip them over without them tearing in half. Me and the little one used the last of the batter and made one huge pancake that we devoured in double quick time. The little one was helping rinse a few plates and pans when grandma and daddy came through to spoil out little party. OK, the place was a mess, there was a lot of water flying about and the little one was sat there like a sage in the middle of it all and loving every minute of it. Sadly, it was time to go home, she was already late for bed. We had a good long hug, a sloppy Tinkerbell kiss and off she went, into the night and home to bed. That was the end of a good day. The mess stayed where it was until today when grandad got stuck in and cleaned the place up. I dont mind really, it breaks my day.

So, a few games of poker, QQ busted by ATo, won and lost a few DoN games and then retired to bed, after helping yet another pokerspacer out with some cash trades. It was one of my better days and just had to share it as I dont get all that many of them. The picture of the little one sitting there, looking so wise, will stay in my head for a long long time. I wish I had a camera to hand, then the image would have been captured for all time. Its ok though, the memory will be a long time in fading.


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