Melody of Love

Play baby play,
Play that song for me honey,
Take me, embrace me,
Hold me in your arms forever,
Let us be consumed,
Let us combust,
Ignite that flame of desire,
Burn, burn, feel it burn,
Intense heat,
The rhythm, in its grasp,
Fly baby fly,
Peak, like the sun,
Reaching its zenith,
Crescendo, beat,
Beat, crescendo,
Alternating in my mind,
Blow baby blow,
My mind in a minute,
Cease the struggle,
Flow, ebb,
Forth and back
Tides pull at our hearts,
Music holds strong,
We are here, there,
In the echo, deep,
Words, notes, mould,
Like lovers entwined,
Sensual, desire,
Take my heart with you,
Music of the night,
Take me, devour me,
All that I am,
I give,
Graciously, effortless,
Soft on my arm,
Hand in hand,
Guided, onwards, ever onwards,
Needed, wanted,
Yearned for, like,
Addiction of our ears,
Oh listen,
We are at one, peaceful,
Play on, pleading,
Play on,
Keys that twinkle, starlike,
Ivory on Ivory,
Ebony on Ebony,
Rising as one, urgency,
Yes, yes, yes, oh yes,
Pouring forth,
Like rivers to my heart,
My being, ours,
We are, oh, we are,
Love me, take me,
Release me, sweet release,
Imprisoned emotion,
Escape from its grasp,
One for one, cascading,
Like a waterfall of love,
Quench this thirst,
Arousal, intense,
You are mine, possessed, owned,
Take me home.
Oh take me home,
Musical lover.


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