Global Dashboard and other less interesting topics.

Be I on the global dashboard page of this ere lil blog, or my own dashboard page, I am slightly lost. OK, I shall explain if you insist. Its complicated though, or to my mind it is, but then I am just a slightly deranged forty something man whose idea of multitasking is eating and playing poker, but not at the same time, if it can be helped, that just confuses the issue even more.

So what the hell am I on about now?

Since finding this blogspot and then getting into it more or less every day, I read a lot of other people’s blogs. They are so diverse and interesting, I find it difficult to pull myself away. My poker reading and research is almost nil since I started blogging every day whenever possible. I am an avid reader anyway. I sit at the table and can’t resist reading the label of the sauce bottle, or the jar of pickle or apple sauce. I really should know those ingredients off by heart by now. Thats how bad its got. You remember Johnny 5 Star? The robot from the Short Circuit movies. Theres a part there where Johnny 5 is only interested in input. I sometimes feel the same way. Its like I need some input to make my day complete.

I digress. I wish I could stop doing that! It makes a short [ish] blog longer than what it was meant to be.

At the bottom of either dashboard page, there’s a list of the most recent blogs. I subscribe to a few here already. I am sure I will be adding more as I explore the virtually new world of blogs. But they change that list so quickly. I often look at that list and see 3-4 posts that look interesting and that I would like to read or view. Some are just pictures or a book review that don’t interest me, so I move on. The problem is, if I forget to press the back button icon, I lose the list as its replaced by a new version. That makes me sit here growling at myself and stamping my feet in a little tantrum. I am so bloody forgetful, its unreal. Then I end up doing the same thing on a new list. That just makes the situation worse and to be honest, I am very surprised that I have not yet inflicted some serious bodily harm to this sweetheart of a laptop that I love to hate so much. Its like the digress issue, how does one prevent it from occurring over and over again. Its my Groundhog Day, nightmare scenario. There must be another way, there has to be another way, if not, I may be liable to punch myself very hard, or even better, find the biggest wet fish I can and repeatedly hit myself around the head with it. Thats a private joke between me and a few poker buddies, kind of standing joke now. I have no idea or recollection where I got it from. Its one of those silly phrases you hear and don’t forget. I made a joke using the term and since then, it’s just kind of become used as a metaphor for complaining about poker donks and the suckouts they inflict.

” The next time he does that, I am going to smack him around the head with a big, wet fish”. You see? Its better than saying I am going to “fuck him up” or something similar and doesn’t get you into trouble with site admin who tend to be rather fickle where swearing is concerned. I can see the point, but really, what are swear words? Just words that we  interpret as not being very nice. I have always argued, if you were taught as a child, that sheep was swearing, then hopefully you would refrain from using it as such. It’s all comparable. But yet again, I digress.

If any reader has any better ideas/suggestions of how I can circumnavigate this problem of the ever disappearing blog list, then you will have my eternal gratitude and I will not add you to any list that requires wet fish or their elk. Does that sound like a good deal?

Tatty Bye.


One response to “Global Dashboard and other less interesting topics.


    Sounds great to me. Always find your blogs interesting.
    At the moment I am watching a movie The Tourist on my laptop. I rent movies on iTunes for $2.99 each. Much cheaper than buying or actually going out to see one. Perhaps you might try it if you haven’t already. Cheers!

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