Purple Pain in the Ass, The Avatar is Born

By now, you might have noticed a familiar theme running through this blog.


WTF is my obsession with the colour? No, I am not Prince or even a fan of his, although I do love When Doves Cry. No, its something more than that and just something that, as in life, just came about. Let me explain.

The title of this blog refers to poker, The life and times of a wannabe poker player and the bloggers name also makes a reference to that. I am Tino11 to my poker friends and opponents. But it’s not always possible to have a username or screen name of your choosing. In this instance, I could not use Tino, but I could use Pspacer11, which refers to the online poker community I have been a member of for getting on 2 yrs now. Pokerspace is the name of the forum, so I adapted that, and my Tino11 tag to make Pspacer11.

It’s through that site that all the purple stuff arose.

Pokerspace run a poker tournament each year called the Crew Cup. Its contested by crews that are made up of up to 6 players. The top 3 players score, blah blah blah, I wont bore you with the ins and outs. Suffice to say, I joined a crew called the MnM’s. Nice enough bunch of folks. There was Marcus the orange MnM, Derek the red MnM, Terri the green MnM, Brian the yellow MnM, Joe the blue MnM and Tino [me] without a colour. I found a site where you could design your own MnM character and I ended up with purple, which I liked and the avatar was cute. I got my good mate Dave to make a few adjustments and The Purple MnM was created in all its glory.

This little creation incorporated my passion for football [soccer to the heathens] and my favourite football club, Notts County. I was over the moon with this avatar and he became a part of me, just a small part, but he was my poker persona when playing.

During one Crew Cup qualifier, I was seated with my arch-enemy and nemesis iceman1967. A very accomplished poker player, but a real dickhead of a person. He should be called Marmite, you either love him or hate him. I respect his game, but not him as a person. Anyway, in an almost resigned tone, he commented via the in-game chat,

“Oh no, here comes the purple pain in the arse”

It was seen by myself as a compliment of sorts. He noticed me, he knew I was there and he knew I was a danger [we also met in the final game where I took him out of the game to win us the Trip to Vegas, he was steaming, lol]. But the name kinda stuck and I was looked upon by my crewmates as the Purple Pain in the Ass.

After the event, the crew broke up. Some of us still speak occasionally, but the purple stayed with me and was incorporated into a new avatar that is still in use today when I am posting blogs, comments or threads.

It just so happens, that the new Notts County strip includes some purple trim, so it blends well with my purple theme. I owe Dave a favour or two for his help. He uses Photoshop for a living and doing crap like avatars takes him seconds, whereas I would be on all afternoon.

So having been the one and only Purple MnM, to being a Purple Pain in the Ass, the colour is ingrained in me now and I must admit, upon reflection, I never had any issues with the colour and now I love it. I am a pain in the ass most of the time, but now I have a reputation to live down to, lol.


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