I have been playing around recently with a few ideas. I love poetry, of all kinds, and have been wanting to try something slightly different that plays out. I know what I mean, lol. Something like a rock poem, but with undertones of opera thrown in, making it a rock opera poem, if there is such a thing. The one problem was finding some subject matter. Yesterday, by sheer fluke, I came across a blog here that mentioned, or was written by, Succubus. That gave me what I was looking for and I spent half the night and most of this morning using that and trying to combine classical poetry, with something darker, whilst using different styles. I am not sure it works. Some feedback would be awesome on this. Its something I am trying to develop into my writing as it became stale and needed a certain something to make it work for me again.

I have tried to incorporate something that resembles erotica, without it becoming pornographic. The nature of the subject allow for that I hope.

Many moons ago, in my teens, I was in a punk band and wrote a couple of songs [they were crap] on subjects like this, so in many ways, it’s a return to my youth working on this.
She stole into my dreams,
As the dark steals a day,
Prowling the night,
A caged tigress,
Hunting me,
Haunting me,
Teasing me,
Taunting me.

Fires awaken, yet,
Dormant they lay,
Arousal, deep,
Akin to hunger,
She feeds,
Drawing my strength,
Barricades wide, open,
Nonchalantly she waits,
Smile suppressed,
Patiently anticipating,
My fortress crumbles,
The port cullis laid bare,
Strength subsides,
I belong.

Throughout she frolics, cavorts with my mind,
Playing her game, leading me blind,
Twisted, turned, forced, berated,
Longing,lusting, thus anticipated,
Caressing,inviting, beyond my reach,
Touch me, taste me, I cry and beseech,
Drawn deeper, deeper, into her abyss,
Enslaved forever in the chains of her kiss,
With desire, ardent, craving I plead,
Hopeless, hopeless, naught left to concede,
To her arms I surrender, my resistance futile,
To her will I now bend, resigned and docile,
At her alter I worship, yet with her words she beguiled,
My fate I accept, I have become reconciled,
This conflict is won,consummation complete,
Sated and satisfied, gorged and replete,
Wicked smile plays across lips that allure,
Bound to her throne, alone to endure,
Time, endless time, I pray for its end,
To this torture I did condescend.

Uninvited I thought,
From whence she came,
Sleep belied the truth,
Entrance admitted,
Granted, extended,
Her hand guided, cajoled,
Impaled upon my erection,
I gave of myself,
Harder, faster,
She rose, then fell,
Taking me deeper,
Thrust, deeper,
Contorted in rapture,
Ecstasy, exaltation,
Agony, precious agony,
Pleasure so exquisite,
Gratification so indulgent,
Hedonistic depravity,
Unsavoured debauchery,
Take me,
Take me,
I belong.

I sincerely hope that any reader likes this, or appreciates the effort behind trying to experiment and try something different. It’s not something that comes naturally, but hopefully, in time, it will become that way, or at least be in that direction.


3 responses to “Succubus

  • Elizabeth Newton

    So very beautiful and you are so talented and yet sometimes you make me cry.

  • Tino11

    I am sorry if I make you or anyone cry, its never intentional. But I do have a dark side and that does appear to manifest itself in some of my poems. I have no idea why.

    I hope you liked it. I was debating whether to post it or not as it is different for me and a style I am not yet comfortable with.

  • Lily Verlotte

    Oh I’ve just seen this, I really like it, I wish I had more time to sketch now!

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