DoN Update

Just a quick update to my DoN Strategy as it is very much a work in progress.

I have found a new home to play DoN games on the Merge network. Players only has a good bunch of regs playing the $3 games and its taken sometime to get to grips with them as they are all very different in styles. Theres some real nits, if you see them enter a pot, unless you have KK+, then get out of the way.  The vpip stat is so low a snake couldn’t crawl under it. They are easy to steal against as the blinds increase. Raising them always induces a fold unless they have a monster.

I have been working at opening up my bluffing range with mixed success. Its very much trial and error and I am also trying to improve my reads at the same time. Idont always get it right, thats for sure, but its improving. I very much believe that, if you follow M zone at all, that once in the pink zone, you are dead and burried unless you hit a premium hand or get lucky. I prefer to shove before reaching that point and my understanding of ICM makes for good decision making around the bubble. Another few wins and I should be moving up to the $5 games to see how I fare there. I have watched a few games and they are no tougher than the $3 games, so I am looking forward to that.

Position is still very important. The later you are, the wider your range should become. Theres value to be had if you play it right when in good position. You can and should by now be playing all PP, SC, and broadways, plus suited aces and kings, to a degree. I have opened up with K2s in the CO and BU and even the highjack as a semi bluff with good chances of improving. If you have stats on opponents, or good reads, you know that these types of hands are more than playable when in position. Theres not a great deal of 3betting going on, so a lot of the time, you will steal with no resistance. Just be aware of board texture if you do have to see a flop. Cbetting often works, if you have raised pre flop, so use it. Some players will speculate and call a cbet but will fold when you double barrel, so again, just be aware of that, even when you have missed the flop, or its a very dry board.

I also believe strongly in “First in Vigorish”. It means, he who bets first often takes the pot there and then. Look out for check raisers though if you overuse it. Some will cotton on and play back at you, but in a great many cases, the first bet wins the chips. If you dont believe me, try it out for yourself in a few games and see what the results show. I know as I have the stats to go with it.

All DoN strategy has been saying tight is right, tight is right, tight is right. While I agree with that, to a point, I am also finding out that sheer aggression can work as well, especially against the nit regs. You can almost play any two against some of them. But is a tricky situation. be over aggressive and someone will call your bluff, be too tight, you stand a very good chance of blinding out, or reaching your critical intersect and shove with air. Dont get to that point, act before that to give yourself some options and fold equity. With blinds at 200/400, if you only have 2BB left, theres a good chance that any shove will get at least one caller. If you get more than that, your chances of continuing are getting slimmer all the time. Dont do it!

So hopefully, in the not too distant future, I am going to have some more stats to add in here and hopefully they will reflect what I am talking about. well over 5k hands at $3 with a holy trinity of 21/15/3.8 is not doing bad. Its slow going and a grind and I play when I feel like it, but am playing more and more games after midnight GMT as more Americans appear at the tables at that time and I enjoy playing against them.

So stay tuned and I will try and update this with a looser strategy guide in the near future.

Good luck at the tables.

I just need to put another little addition. If you are looking for a good poker forum, with a lot of variation, then you should try this little beauty. The tools link gives you some great free poker tools, just by being a member, which is also free. If you are a SnG player or even a MTT player, then the ICM trainer is a must. It gives you some great info on bubble play and if you dont know what ICM is, then its time you learnt.

Have fun


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