Bit the Bullet

I had forgotten. How could I forget? I have only been waiting 3,4 maybe 5 years for this momentous of occasions, so how could I forget?

I hang my head in shame and feel desolate that I could forget. Its unforgivable really.

The journey started for me in the summer of 1988. Yes, that long ago and finally, at last, the journey is now complete and I feel a kind of elation that something  I had begun to doubt would ever reach completion suddenly came upon me and I had forgotten all about it.

Ok, I shall put you out of your misery and tell just what the hell it is that I have missed and how a simple little e mail saved the day.

I forgot that today was the release date of this saga. I have waited and searched for so long to find out what was happening to the Earth’s Children series and when the day arrived, I went and forgot it. But tothe credit of Amazon, bless them, they sent me an e mail about an hour ago and there, in all its glory was The Land of Painted Caves, by none other than Jean M Auel and I went right ahead and ordered it, complete with free shipping and it should arrive in the next few days. I cant wait. I have not anticipated something, anything, this much in a long time and I almost, almost missed the boat.

When it arrives, if you dont see or hear anything of me for a couple of days, you will know why. Canada, 1988 is where it all started and now its going to finally end in North East England and book 6 will be read, cover to cover sometime over the next 7 days and I can sit back and relax at a job well done.

Thankyou Miss Jean M Auel, thankyou kind people at Amazon, soon, it will all be over, the story complete and the fate of my all time favourite character, Ayla will finally be known. In preparation, last week I re-read book 5 of the series just to reaquaint myself with Ayla and Jondolar again after what has seemed a very very long break.

If you think it sad that a 4o something grandad could like a series like this, rmember I was a bored 23 yr old when it all started. If you have never read any of the 5 previous books, you dont know what you are missing and I suggest you go and buy/rent/steal Clan of the Cave Bear now! Yes, now, not tomorrow, now, go on, go! do it, my money is on you not regretting it.


3 responses to “Bit the Bullet

  • Elizabeth Newton

    I’ll check it out thank you. BTW…I have a Kindle from Amazon. If you don’t please check into buying one as any kindle book will be downloaded and you will find that the kindle books are cheaper and there is never a shipping charge. Liz

    • Tino11

      Thanks Liz and also thanks for posting that blog today, some people need a telling. It is out of care we do these things and to be persecuted because we care is wrong on so many levels.
      Kindle, hmmmm. I have a problem. I find that reading online is ok so long as my attention doesn’t waver. If it does, there are so many different things to do online or on a laptop, whereas with a book, thats what you have, pages of paper and words, nothing else. But maybe Kindle is different and I shall certainly look into it.
      I hope you had a good weekend and are well.

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