So Tired

Well folks, just as I thought it would be, this last couple of days has left me drained. Its frustrating the crap out of me as for 40 odd years I had endless amounts of stamina. These days, a new born has more energy than I do. Friday was busy, fair enough and today being Mothers Day, I have had a walk back from Nana’s house this afternoon, but I am knackered now. I have just managed to get some online grocery shopping done, but a couple of times my eyes closed and I almost retreated into sleep. I did at Nana’s house this afternoon! Our son came with Tinkerbell to give his mam a card and they stayed for an hour or so and he gave us a lift to Nana’s, which was appreciated. Once there, we had a cuppa with her and some cake and were just sitting talking and I struggled like mad to keep my eyes open. Sadly, I did nod off for 5 minutes, which was very rude of me, but I am just not able to keep going these days. It pisses me off, but I also know it will happen, but damned if I am going to accept it.

The local swimming pool has been undergoing some renovations, much needed ones and should reopen sometime this month, so its back to the pool for me as soon as the doors open again. I cant hurt myself once in the water and Tinkerbell loves it as well, so its something we can do together in a pretty safe environment. Look forward to getting back into that.

To help fight chronic fatigue, its suggested you try to do more, not less in an effort to overcome it. I can dig  that, but also advised is not to sleep too much. It is suggested that most people only need between 7-8 hours sleep at most, so I try to have good sleep regimes. The problem is, I feel more tired than ever, not less! I dont go to bed until 1am and am awake by 8am at latest, so its 7 hours usually and thats not too bad. But throw in some exercise, or a couple of busy days and I am bloody useless to man or beast. For anyone who cares to know, I know as it was part of my job to know, but most accidents happen due to tiredness. Afternoon accidents at work happen almost 3 times as often as morning accidents. Although a lot of road traffic accidents happen in the mornings, mainly due to numbers of vehicles on the roads, the greatest loss of life is in accidents later in the day or at night. I could go into a lot of BS about H&S and accident levels, but thats not for this blog, there you just have a few examples. That makes it 5 times harder at least, for someone like me to find gainful employment. I am an accident waiting to happen in the afternoons. Most of my falls occur in the afternoons or evenings, so getting tired as the day goes on is a fact of life for me. If I swim, walk, exercise at home or gym, its always mornings, never later.

I now have Tinkerbell for two days asthe “other” grandma is away for a few days and Tinkerbell will sleep over on Tuesday night as well. I am going to be a basket case by Wednesday, but what do you do? If Tinks doesn’t sleep well, I am screwed as I will be up all night. Then that will leave me dead on my feet for 3 days. We cant say no though, we wont look after her, thats just not going to happen. But theres a price to pay when it works out the way it has this week.

So if theres no blog for a couple of days or so, its because I am just too damned tired to bother ok, its nothing personal.


2 responses to “So Tired

  • liv2write2day

    From your last few comments it sounds like it’s been an incredibly exhausting weekend for you, but give yourself credit for getting through it. You have a lot of courage, it seems to me.

  • Elizabeth Newton

    I’ll miss your blogs. Even though this one is sort of depressing it is interesting reading. You, my friend, are about the bravest person that I know.

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