First one over, Tino 1 Life 0

Monday, phew, what a day. But still standing, just, knackered, but worth the effort.

Tinkerbell got here this am at her usual time, but as the other grandma is away, she spent the day with us. I had booked the shopping delivery for 8-10am and Tinkerbell and grandma had the most of it put away before I surfaced. Thanks to them, the kitchen was tidy and just a few bits and bobs left to put into their respected places. That was great of them to do that as I just slept on. I doubt anything would have woken me last light, lol.

A trip to soft play was on for today, so it was time that grandma and Tinkerbell started getting ready for that. I was washing dishes again when I got a call from the bedrooms. Tinkerbell wanted grandad to go to soft play with her and grandma. Its the last thing I wanted [never been before] and said sorry, maybe next time. The look on Tinks face got me all welled up and I thought, ” You heartless bastard, how can you turn such a delightful request down”? I did a hasty rethink and said I would go, soon as I finsihed up the dishes and got dressed.

Its been freezing out there today. We set off and I am glad I put my thermal fleece on. I really should have had hat and gloves on as well, but the fleece was better than nothing. I ambled along, trying to keep up a decent pace, but it was a struggle, but finally made it and we all went in. It cost £3.50 for 2 hours for Tinks. We just sit and watch most of the time. I did have a Hot Chocolate to thaw me out somewhat and Tinks had a sandwich and some snacky thingamyjigs and a drink and off she went. Up and down, round the bend, over the water jump, round the canal turn, over valentines and the chair, down the slide and back to square one, only to be repeated a dozen times. [Anyone notice the ref to the Grand National in there]? Where the hell she gets her energy from I dont know. We stayed the full 2 hours. It did get very noisy at one stage which did make me regret having gone, but it soon quietened down a bit and all in all, I was very glad I went. I made it there and back and only sat whilst there, so it wasn’t too strenuous. We got home and I set to making a chicken stew for dinner. Then dad arrived to take Tinks home and to bed. She will be back with us tomorrow am and is staying over and we have to take her to nursery on Wed am.

So I am winning so far. I am managing to keep going, but I have to be careful I dont overdo things and put myself in a position where I am too tired to do anything.

The icing on the cake was just something I never thought I would see. Pokerspace, my favourite poker forum  has been a bit crazy of  late and a lot has been said and done that needed saying and doing, but its not always been pleasant as any readers of my other blogs will know. Well this evening, the head admin fella, who has been winding a lot of people up of late and making some appalling decisions, actually issued an open appology. My suspension only ended last week and upon sending him a personal message, we got into a preivate war of words again. I told him a few home truths and maybe things have just gotten on top of him of late. Fair enough, happens to us all at some point and issuing an appology goes a long way to putting things right. But until he learns how to deal with people properly, things wont improve and believe me, he has plenty to learn.

So I hope that the earlier part of the day is reflected when I hit the poker tables in about 2 hours time to play my first PS game since the suspension.

Tatty Bye for now.


2 responses to “First one over, Tino 1 Life 0

  • Elizabeth Newton

    I’m happy you are back at Pokerspace and just want you to know that you did the right thing by confronting the Administrator. Zed I guess and indeed he does have much to learn about people. I have clashed with him more than once. He has his favorites who are allowed to get by with anything especially the ones who build up his ego. They never disagree with him on anything and thats what he likes.

    Happy you went out for awhile and enjoyed it. Hope you enjoy tonight with Tinker Bell and manage to get some rest. Cheers!

  • Tino11

    I got suspicious of him when I heard him refer to his Pokerspace divas. I was like, WTF? In this day and age, thats not very PC and sends out totally the wrong message. I have reached the stage where I am not taking anymore crap from someone who is 20yrs my junior and who appears to know little about subjects he professes to know a lot about. Maybe the pressure has gotten to him with all the recent crap thats been going on?

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