Black is Black?

This is probably gonna get me into a whole host of trouble and negativity, but its something I have thought about, felt about, discussed with myself about, just an issue that in my own humble opinion, needs addressing and soon, not just by me or you, but by the world before it all gets out of hand.

I just read a great poem. It’s about the colour of someones skin. Read it for yourself, you might like it too.

The thing is, the title asks a question which I had considerable reservations about. Why did you make me black oh lord?

Who decided and when was it decided that a race of people who have brown skin, should be referred to as black? The Lords response to the question contained within the poem says he made skin as black as coal as from coal comes diamonds. Unless you have worked down a coal mine, I have never once seen a person with skin the colour of coal. If you work down the mines, the colour of your skin is the same as everyone elses, you are all black and I mean BLACK, not brown, or a shade thereof, but black as the coal you are mining.

I am not white either. The world, along with all the people on its surface, or below it, is not black or white. I wish it were all that simple, but it’s not. I don’t give a f**k what colour your skin is to be honest, that has no bearing on you or me as a person. I am not white, I am a dirty pinkish kinda colour with a few scars that are white [ish] and a few bruises that are bluey/purple/yellow kinda mess, like a childs paint pallet. Is the man from China yellow? IS HE F**K!  No more than I am white or you are black. Who the hell dreamt up these bloody titles/names anyway? Just because they are there I have to use them? Well bollocks to that as well. I aint white, you aint black, he aint yellow, so why paint a picture with words that tell a lie? Are we all liars now? Conditioned by what? Media? to use these terms when they just are not true? The sky on a beautiful summers day is blue! It’s not green [ish] or grey [ish] its blue, simple, straightforward blue. Ok, ok, there are hues and tones of blue, but I have always known the sky as blue, sky blue, not sea blue, not Trafalgar or Navy blue, just sky blue. Hey, its simple is this really. I wonder why the world wants to complicate it, when it really is simple. If skin colour/tone is what makes us all different, we have got problems. Is your God better than my God? or should that read Deity? Whatever. That is the crap that kills, very rarely is it down to skin colour. I killed the f**ker ‘cos he was black/brown/white/yellow with polka dots. I don’t hear that, I don’t read that, I don’t see that, not very often anyways. But I do hear it said about religion. But that’s not what this blog is all  about. This is just about the crap terms we use to describe our fellow human beings and it needs to stop. If you are brown, purple, white, I don’t care, pick your own damned colour, YOU ARE STILL HUMAN, just like this dirty pinkishwhitebrownyinsummer bastard. I like people because of who they are, what they are and what they stand for, I dislike people for the same reasons, not because there are a different skin colour to me.

Time that we all took a long, hard look at ourselves. Anyone, and I mean anyone who regards themselves as white, or black is as guilty of discrimination as the next bigot. Just cos I walk like a drunk [medical condition] doesn’t make me a cripple does it? A black one or a white one. You call me a cripple, its discrimination. Would you call me a white/black cripple? Doubtful. So drop this nonsense already, its old, its tiresome and in literary terms, it’s very incorrect.

Well, that’s my rant over with today. Tinks is due back soon, so I am gonna go and wash some dishes and then think about dinner tonight.

Tatty Bye


2 responses to “Black is Black?

  • Daegus

    Very good post. In terms of race, I believe that it is nothing more than another thing to keep us all divided. There are far more pressing issues to attend to in the world than this. Like you, I’ve had my fits of discontent and I’ve gone on diatribes of my own about this before, but I don’t believe that there’s much of a point to it. People will not stop being the way that they are as society has made them to be. We can only change who we are, and if society wakes up to see that their ways are self-destructive, perhaps then they will change as we have changed.

  • liv2write2day

    You make some really good points. We are so conditioned to create division instead of seeing similarities. I have to think that oversensitivity/political correctness has set us up to focus on differences.

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