Together Like……

I’ve walked the walk,
I’ve talked the talk,
I’ve taken the rise,
I’ve taken the fall,
You be the cheese and I’ll be the chalk.

I told you I love you,
I told you I hate you,
I told you the truth,
I told you a lie,
You be the paddle and I’ll be the canoe.

I promised you fortune,
I promised you fame,
I promised you everything,
I promised you nothing,
You be the board and I’ll be your game.

I bought you heartbreak,
I bought you pain,
I bought you pleasure,
I bought you distress,
You be the needle and I’ll be your vein.

We did what we had too,
We did what we must,
We did to each other,
We did on our own,
You be the cut and I’ll be your thrust.

Together we endured,
Together we stand,
Together we live,
Together we die,
You be the glove and I’ll be your hand.

You gave me laughter,
You gave me desire
You gave me fresh hope,
You gave me despair,
I’ll be the flame and you’ll be my fire.


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