The Gate

Cold, black iron, inanimate,
Lonely, staring,
Open at peril, close to infinity,
Dark shroud, lingers,
Orange tinged edges,
Movement, languid,
Eyes unseeing, uncaring,
Mocking laughter fills your mind,
What trickery?
Dare ye open the Gate?
Asked in malevolent tone,
Reaching innermost,

Metal on stone, rasping,
Groaning defiance,
Stepping through the void,
Leading where?
Downwards, into
Bottomless pits, glowing,
Glistening tar,
Cold from heat,
So cold,
Descending, ever down,
Voices, pleading,
Begging, yet laughing,
At thine fate,
Beguiled, betrayed,

Featureless faces,
Pour their scorn upon,
My shoulders, slumped,
Down, forever downward,
Crawling on skinless bellies,
Monstrous, demonic creature,
Lustful yet loathsome,
Paradox of thyself,
Opaque eyes glare,
With hatred, watching,
Observing this decent,
Weary, exhaustion, despair,
Inhabit this corridor,
This Underworld.

Naked forms approach,
Twisted bodies of ire,
Inhuman, diabolical,
What place this?
Mind repudiates images,
Gross deformity,
Aching for release,
From fire, yet,
Yearning for warmth,
Angels, floating,
On blazing wings, scream,
Their melody of anguish,
Resigned to destiny,
Melancholy souls,
Caged in eternity.

The Gate is closed,
There never can be,


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