Facebook user? You need to read this, URGENTLY!

This post is from a buddy from another site. He knows his stuff computer wise and often posts information blogs for members to help us all stave off these attacks. I take no credit for this at all, I am just sharing in the hope that no one is effected by this crap.

I recieved the following posts on my wall today when I just logged in. Please PLEASE read, and follow what instructions are given & as always, let me know if you have any questions!!!!

1) ATTENTION!!! While on FB, look at your URL address (the very top box on your screen.) If you see “http:” instead of “https:” then you DO NOT have a secure session & can be hacked. Go to Account – Account Settings – Account Security – click Change. Check box (secure browsing), click Save. FB has automatically set it on the non-secure setting. Change, Copy & Re-post

There are 2 NEW check boxes there now, I would suggest checking BOTH for your security!!!!

2) FACEBOOK has 4 new VIRUSES!! #1: If you get a notice of a PHOTO TAG…DO NOT OPEN. #2: If you get a notification that a friend reported you for offensive behavior etc., DO NOT OPEN. #3: get 5000 FACEBOOK CREDITS. #4: Message from your friends via chat saying click this links, DO NOT OPEN. These are BAD ones and will crash your computer!! RE-POST To WARN EVERYBODY!!!

Please re-post these items on your FB wall so all will know of this information. I will re-post this with in the PC DOC group as well as a secondary warning.



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