Never running smootly.

Things, situations, never seem to run smoothly in this family. Its tiresome, it really is.

Our son [Tinks Dad] was supposed to be moving into his new house on Saturday, but due to other buyers in the chain, that date has been moved back a week until 3rd May at earliest. We had al put in a lot of effort to get this pushed through. All was going perfectly well until Sunday. The couple buying our sons place currently work in Dubai and flew in to take another look at the place and do a little measuring up. It was then that we learnt they could not complete by the dates given. I had managed to organise a removal company and a new nursery for Tinks. Our son had done all the stuff needed for broadband to be activated, phone lines, fax lines [as his partner works from home] re-directed post [letters etc] and changed the address on his driving licence. All that, and more besides has been put on hold for another week. That eats into the time they had both booked off from work. They are both in pretty high positions and getting time off at short notice is difficult for them both. A Senior Operations Manager and a Human Resources Manager need to organise cover for time off and make sure all loose ends are neatly tied up. Both of them will be on call during holidays, to sort out any major problems. I don’t envy them at all.

So now, we all sit and wait and hope that completion happens soon. My partner has booked time off as well. I don’t need to do that, thankfully, I am off and available anytime. I shall be doing a lot of looking after Tinks whilst the move goes ahead. The two grannies will be helping clean the new place and dad and his mate will be humping a lot of boxes and bags. I have the easy task!

This is how life appears to be these days. Its one thing after another. I just want a year, just one, where nothing goes wrong. How is it possible to make that happen? I always relished a challenge, and problems and complications were nothing to me, I just tackled them head on. These days, I am not able to do that. This damned condition has changed me in many ways and problem solving is just one small area that has suffered. I am on the road to making it back, so that all the small things don’t drag me down, but its a fuckin long road, or looks that way some days. This time four years ago, I would have done a lot of things myself. Removals? Pfft, piece of cake, rent a van, done in a morning. Theres things that need doing in the new place. Me? First one up the ladder and do it for nothing but a cup of tea and a beer when finished. I was very handy. In the first house my son shared with his partner, we fitted the new kitchen and bathroom, did a lot of painting. Fixed drainpipes, repaired some poor pointing at the rear. Stripped the porch back to bare wood and renovated it. All shit like that was my domain. Sadly, no more. I feel useless sometimes. I have to try to not think like that, but at times like these, it’s harder than it sounds.

So we wait.

Meanwhile, on a slightly different subject. Poker is a mess right now. I am hardly playing and only one cash withdrawal has come through without hassle so far. Carbon paid up inside two days. Nothing from the others and its over $1500 that’s owed. I was wanting to leave the cash alone, out of sight until I had enough to pay for a trip to Paris for my partners birthday. She has always wanted to go there and we should have gone on her 50th, but my health was too bad to allow that. So I thought I would keep my poker bankroll hidden, then drop the surprise on her. I can still do that. I am withdrawing to Moneybookers, an e wallet, that no one but me has access to. The only trouble with that is, I can spend it, or it’s not growing as I am not playing. But until this mess in the States gets sorted, internet poker is holding its breath to see what happens next. More and more poker providers are pulling out of America completely. That affects us all. Fields will be smaller, the amount of cash and SnG players will lessen, that means reduced prize pools. To us playing small buy ins/micros, it shouldn’t have too big effect, but nothing is certain right now.

So I am left waiting on two fronts.

Just to add fuel to the fire, finding some voluntary work that’s suitable is proving more difficult than I thought it would.

C’est la vie.


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