Poetry Snob?

I have written more poetry these last few months than at any other time in my life. Whether they are good or not is decided by the reader, not myself. But [oh yes, here’s the but again] I sit, mess about, try different approaches, move words around, all to try and get some semblance of flow or a decent narrative going. I don’t know if I succeed or not, but the effort is there.

I tag surf a lot here on word press and obviously there is a lot of poetry posted here. Some of what I see is brilliant, far better than my own efforts, but the mirror to that is, some are just, well, lets say not very good [I prefer crap, but that is likely to offend]. I know that poetry can take on many forms and I know very little about it all. But anyone, even a child, can take a few sentences, put in a comma here and there, split it up into lines and call it a poem. I see a lot of poems that are a few sentences about something that someone did, or thought and it is then written and called a poem. Example,

Last night I sat,
Watching tv,
It was mainly crap,
I fell asleep,
Then woke,
Had a drink of,
Water, then,
Went to bed.

That would be a sentence or two if just spoken.

Last night I sat watching tv, it was mainly crap, so I fell asleep. Then I woke up, had a drink of water and went to bed.


Now the first part, I can try to pass off as poetry, whereas the second part is no more a poem than flying pigs are astronauts. So can someone please explain how and why, two ordinary sentences, that are a simple description of what I did last night, can suddenly become a poem. I am totally bemused and confused [confuckted as well] by it all. I don’t wish to become or be known as a poetry snob, but come on people, some things that are written just cannot be passed of as a poem.

By all means please comment, try not to make it personal. I seriously am confused by this issue and would love to read others opinions and thoughts. Thats a way of learning for me. I don’t wish to belittle anyones attempts at poetry or anything else, but, as a former friend once said, he had found he had a talent for writing poetry. Sadly, this was a delusion as a 5-year-old could have done better, blindfolded, with one hand tied behind his/her back.

So there ya have it. Have some fun with this one and give me whats coming.


One response to “Poetry Snob?

  • ebbtide

    Hmmm… I hear echoes some of my own sentiments… 🙂 I tag surf as well and sometimes discovering a gem of a piece is worth wading through all that mindless drivel (a.k.a. crap).

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