Love You Still [Forbidden]

I have seen a couple of these recently, but have no idea if they have a name or tag or anything. I only know, I liked the two that I read, so thought this morning I’d have a bash at one and see what happens. Its based on an experience of love that to this day lives on, but is off-limits to the people concerned. I have a deep-rooted sense of feeling that this person feels the same way, but we have our lives now, that either would find difficult to change. Change is one thing that becomes harder the older we get. I don’t mind change, but not for the sake of it. Sometimes, we all make mistakes that only become apparent years later. This is about one of those mistakes.

I love you for the sake of loving you,

Love, an art form of intensity unknown,

Only to have you coerce my thoughts,

Vixen of a diverse galaxy, removed,

Evening star of luminescent wonder,

Yearn for you, dream of you,

Only for nightmares to reign my subconscious,

Under blankets of seduction,

Serene of heart, hard as steel,

To the end of days,

Idiotic cravings for you alone

Love my love, only you can sustain,

Love you still.


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