Saved By The Bell

The prompt for the day was to play with some rhyme,
I thought why not, I have plenty of time,
So I set to thinking, needing something to muse,
Searching for subjects I thought I could use.

I sat alone thinking, letting the minutes pass by,
Rhyming aint easy, but I’ll give it a try,
Usually music helps focus the mind,
But singing along I am too often inclined.

So here in the silence I sit and I ponder,
Closing my eyes, I let my thoughts wander,
A eureka moment I am needing today,
I really can’t think of anything to say.

It’s not very often that words will not come,
In my dalliance, I’ve started to hum,
In tuneless songs and ditties I know,
The seed of an idea started to grow.

I’ll write a rhyme describing my day,
So thinking furiously, I got underway,
Fingers hit keys. moving faster than light,
This great idea was solving my plight.

So here it is, ladies and gentlemen please,
Pull up a seat whilst this moment I seize,
Wait patiently as I promise you much,
Tales and stories and poems and such.

Then suddenly the phone expectantly rings,
I answer swiftly, heeding the news that it brings,
Damn I say as I must bid you farewell,
I guess you could say I was saved by the bell.

Submitted to One Stop Poetry For Monday 9/5/2011


12 responses to “Saved By The Bell

  • Gay Cannon

    This is very clever and artful. Excellent use of rhyme that does indeed become its own song and the song about rhyme makes use of rhyme pushing the idea to a conclusion that is satisfying. I liked it a lot. Well done. Thanks so much for linking! Gay

  • SallyJ

    This swings along brilliantly and made me smile…a lot. My days are so often just like this!

  • Elizabeth Newton

    Now that is funny! I do hope that you will try again and write something and NOT be saved by the bell.

  • brian

    haha what a delightful rhyme about writing and the effort and distracts…the end was rather a joy to read…smiles.

  • Anita Wakeham

    A wonderful flow and nicely done.


  • Monty Wheeler

    lol now that got one of few belly laughs fer this day. great job 🙂

    Monty / bummy

  • rmpWritings

    nice! love the flow, the rhyme, the journey you took…
    i’d love to have heard how things would have progressed had you not been “saved by the bell.”

  • leah

    Like the bit of playfulness (might not be the right word)It didn’t make me sad. Instead it made me smile.

  • JL Dodge

    This was awesome, perfect rhymes, wonderful flow… very enjoyable !!


  • Matt Coughlan

    Love the flow of this. Everything felt very natural, despite being limited to end rhymes. Good work! 😀

  • Tino11

    “Saved by the bell” never happened. I was literally lost and facing a struggle of how to respond with something new [I try and create something new everytime I respond to anything]. The idea did just present itself as I was falling into one of my medative states and I just ran with it. The “punchline” was the reaction to being lost for a suitable idea, so therefore creating my ” get out clause”. There was no phone call, no one at the door, just me, using that ending to excuse me from writing about something else. Pretty clever I thought, lol.
    Thanks for all the great comments, that is the most I have ever had thus far and that is a truly wonderful feeling having so many appreciate the words that they read that were penned by yourself.

  • Olive Tree

    Witty. I enjoyed it very much.

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