The Theatre of Dreams.

They walk the tunnel like  
Gladiators to the Colosseum,
The Theatre of Dreams awaits,
Expectant crowd roars its approval,
As they stride into view.

The mighty Red Devils,
Prowl, Jaguars stalking their prey,
The challengers,
Resplendent in blue,
Stand firm in the face of adversity.

Formalities complete,
The combatants take position,
An eerie silence settles,
The mob draw their breath,
Let battle commence!

The shrill sound of the whistle,
assaults the ear,
22 men, waging war,
Superiority lies with the brave,
The spoils to the strong.

Barely 36 seconds pass,
The error forced,
The Red Devil seizes the moment,
Control, shoot,
Goal, goal, goal.

The battle rages,
Heroes to later emerge,
The war ebbs and flows,
A set piece looms, dark,
Courageous Vidic, steals in unseen.

Goal, goal, goal,
The Theatre erupts in applause,
The rapture, vivid amongst their faces,
The sweet smell of Victory lingers,
History is being written.

The Title is now theirs to lose,
The valiant blues surrender the cause,
Anguish on faces,
The truth of defeat, as,
Battle weary troops exit.

The Theatre of Dreams is Manchester United’s home stadium. Yesterday, in the English Premier League, the top two teams, Manchester United and Chelsea played what was virtually a title decider. M United should now go on and win the title as they are six points ahead of Chelsea with only two games left to play. With three points for a win and one point for a draw, I think the task is a thankless one now for Chelsea.

This will be title number 19 for Manchester United, which surpasses Liverpool FC, who have 18. There is great rivalry between these two teams and it has always been Sir Alex Ferguson’s [ Man Utd manager] ambition, to take that record away from Liverpool. It looks like he has finally succeeded.

My submission to the Monday Morning Writing Prompt.


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