Playlist 101

This is inspired by the million or so playlists I seem to have on the net. Add to that, Room 101, from Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell. There was also a TV show in the UK where celebs [so-called] tried to get their pet hates confined to Room 101.

I am behind with everything this week so far and I hate to be behind, if I could add being behind to Room 101, then I would 😉 I was really having a struggle today to find something to write about. But as usual, I had a playlist playing away in the background and I thought, why not?

The question is,
Always the same,
Another great song,
From another great name,
To include or not,
Dilema once again,
Same genre, or maybe,
A slightly different vein?
Rock, Pop, classics all,
Country, Indie, Ska and Dance,
No sign of hip hop,
Rap or Trance.
They don’t belong here,
Garage, grunge, oh no sir,
Folk, Rock and Roll,
I know which I prefer,
Jazz, Acid house, even Punk,
Blues, Ballad, plus some Big Band,
Guitar heroes,
The main man, Slowhand,
Some, not all,
Will make this list,
New sounds, old sounds,
Funk, Soul and Twist,
And so by now,
This list is done,
If I don’t like the genre,
It’s off to Room 101.

Submission to One Stop Poetry for One Shot Wednesday


9 responses to “Playlist 101

  • claudia

    it’s been ages since i read 1984 – didn’t remember the room 101 but thanks for bringing back the memory – surely a good place to store the nightmare songs..and thanks for taking us on a ride through your playlist tino

  • brian

    dont know the ref to room 101 but can relate to the playlist as i have a fairly eclectic taste in music…as long as it is done passionately i cross genres well…

  • libraryscene

    Ha! Seems like we’ve both been cAlled to be a bit non- trad for osp… Love it…rock on( or whatever genre ur pulled to)

  • liv2write2day

    OMG…I hadn’t heard of Room 101 but so much fun! I needed a good laugh and I love British comedy and playing it off of the dude from Montana was great. Your poem was fun, too. There’s a few things I’d like to nominate for room 101! Taxes, Politicians, traffic…

    • Tino

      Rich Hall just creases me up everytime I see him on TV. One of the few American comics I like. As for taxes and politicians, definately consigned to room 101.
      Glad it raised a laugh anyway.

  • Shirley Alexander

    I love British comedy, and British mysteries. 🙂 I had never heard of 101, but this excerpt is really funny. I enjoyed a good chuckle over the comment about black holes and the video which follows, and the infinite universe.

    This poem made me smile. I am coordinating my high school reunion, and we are currently working on a 70’s song list for the evening. It’s so good to hear all those tunes again–really takes me back. “Slow Hand” is the main man. Yes.

  • Olivia

    Fun words!!
    As long as the music is good to hear; don’t care about the genre.. 🙂

    Many Hugs xox

  • Jackie Paulson Author

    Outstanding I love it.

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