Howay me Lads

Todays prompt over at One Stop Poetry is all about love, lurve, luv.  Feel the love [un-love] as spring is in the air. Well, I am going to do a take on love, but maybe just twist it slightly and bend it here and there.

I was born in the Midlands and moved north some 25 yrs ago to where I am now. Newcastle is a vibrant city, party capital of the north and a great place to be. Peace and quiet is never far away. The Cheviot Hills are less than 30 mins away, The Pennines about the same and The Lake District is little more than an hour away. There are beautiful beaches that just never get busy and Scotland is less than a hours drive. Northumberland is a canny place to live.

So as today is Fun Friday [the weekend starts here] I am going to try to have a little fun and do my take on love at the same time.

The Geordie Nation’s Own Anthem.

Whenever I am away from the place, it’s always good to see the aad Tyne Bridge again, it means I am yem again.

There’s going to be words popping up all over the place that you just wont recognise and maybe not even understand. Thats ok, I have had 25 yrs to get used to it and even now there’s some that gets by me. So just for your own enjoyment, lets throw in the Geordie Dictionary [yes, we have our own] and you can pick through it to try to find some words like yem [home].

Obviously, you hear the term Geordie and I can hear many of you think, WTF is a Geordie? This might help,

Geordies are a proud people, used to adversity and poverty and generally 2 years behind everywhere else.  Osama  became president of the United Sates? Oh, Obama, who’s he? Seriously, it gets like that sometimes up here.

Just to round things off nicely, to celebrate my love for this area, my love of most things Geordie and this being my 100th blog, here’s another attempt at a Octain, but done Geordie style.

Ahm damn happy Ah live nigh tha Toon,
Party capital o’ tha North they say,
Ah miss it when Ah am away.

Good savaloys aaways slide doon,
A swim in the Tyne, is aaways just fine,
Chased wi a bottle o’ broon.

Fa’ Geordies lets hip hip hooray,
Ahm so damn happy Ah live nigh the Toon.

Submitted to Welcome to Friday Poetically!


7 responses to “Howay me Lads

  • claudia

    really nice Geordie style octain toni – would love to hear this spoken – fine piece – syllable count a bit off track but guess luke would love it – hope you tell him? he’s looking for an octain to crit next monday – would you volunteer? you would get a first class public feedback and a seat in the front row…smiles – drop me a mail if you’re interested… cheers, claudia

  • brian

    haha…this is a delight…i think i caught the words…love writing in accents like that…carries a tune well as well…thanks for the smahls

  • Jingle Poetry

    bless you, may love find you.
    you deserve the best.

  • libraryscene

    just now catching this after reading OSP, nicely played…now, you enjoy listening to other’s poetry, ergo, it would be lovely if you set this one up for play, no?! keep up the fabulous work..oh, and congrats (a bit late) on 100th post, cheers ~

    • Tino

      If I had the first idea of how to record the spoken word here, I would gladly give it a shot. To you, my southern version of a Geordie accent would pass and be acceptable. To locals I sound like a half strangled Yorkshireman!

  • Jackie Paulson Author

    You did a great job with the colors to this post. Loved it

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