Of Maypoles and Flowers

Children dance around Maypoles high,
skylarks sing as they coast the sky,
Daffodils, Tulips and Bluebells flower,
we see the end of April’s shower,

Morris dancers on village greens,
assemble a jovial, relaxing scene,
The sound of leather striking willow,
acrobatic flights o’ graceful swallow,

Springs bouquet blossom and bloom,
The piquant smell o’ yellow broom,
Rhododendron shades o’ crimson, pink,
Buzzing bees sweet nectar drink,

Daylight banishes dark with notice,
as we creep toward the summer solstice
Warmer days will soon hold sway,
welcome the darling buds of May.

This is my response to the Monday Morning Writing Prompt


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