The theme for One Shot Wednesday as featured on OSP  is Dark. Anything dark. I have some dark poems in my archive, but as per usual, I strive to post something new as often as possible. So here is my submission for today’s OSW.


and you shall speak,though broken
your mind,
the thoughts contained therein,
in truth,
illuminating words, softly spoken,
in rhyme,
much to my chagrin,
yet again.

and you shall see, through eyes
so blind,
that bleed the tears of sorrow,
and jubilation,
name hidden in veiled diguise,
no answer,
dawn renounced on the morrow,
yet dark.

and you shall feel, by fingers
yet numb,
touching distant souls without solace,
or savor,
spectres of reluctant fear yet linger,
your touch,
frigid as a winters embrace,
ice cold.

and you shall hear, through ears
yet deaf,
to the terror that crucified your lament,
of regret,
screams encountered the disappeared,
the lost,
flagrant speech, harbinger of dissent,
to heed.

deserter of


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