My Way

The prompt of the day is  Inspiration in a song. Easy right?

My tongue in cheek choice [ only, not so much tongue].
There’s only one way to do something,
do it the right way or do it the wrong,
today I was set a tough one,
be inspired by a tune or a song.

Now a lover of music I profess to be,
so it’s not such a difficult ask,
that’s what I originally thought to myself,
but its tougher than it looks is this task!

A thousand and one songs, spin round,
and round and round in my head,
once one takes a foothold,
I still sing it as I go off to bed.

Its pointless now trying to get any sleep,
with lyrics just bursting their way out,
I’ll just have to grin and bear it,
and try not to scream and shout.

So one good song is all that I need,
one that everyone knows,
I’ve thought about it long and hard,
and this is the one that I chose.

Franky boy sung about his way,
but that one’s not really for me,
Sid sung it a million times better,
watch it and then you will see.

Theres no pretense, only passion,
no condescension, only violent intent,
just emotion that s pent-up and raw,
that became his last, lingering  lament.

My submission to Poetry Potluck # Jingle Poetry


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