Busk Me A Train

The idea behind this attempt at my first Haiku came from Victoria [live2write2day]. Her Wordsmith Wednesday explained a little more about the Haiku and its construct. So here I have a go myself, with 3 linked Haiku’s. The theme is built around a journey to work.


      Street corner standing,

      Saxophone breathing the blues,

      Rain falling at feet.

ii    Station

      Down at the station,

      Train delayed, maybe misplaced,

      Windy platform waits,

iii   Train

       Dark tunnel looming,

       Dragon exits its cold lair,

       Arrival pending.

A busker is a street performer, who usually entertains in the hope of receiving money from the passing public.

As a child, I always thought of trains as Dragons and the underground [subway] to be its lair.

Anyway, hope you like what I have attempted here.


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