Russian Roulette [a Haiku tale]

Bullet in chamber

finger poised on the trigger

wagers on life or death.

 Money talks loudest

anticipating bloodlust

cordite corrupts air.

Another luckless soul

welcomes Devils artful deal

demon hordes await.

Revolver spinning

risk suspends animation

calm expectation.

Inaudible click

empty chamber empty smile

fortune favours brave.

Fear takes heart of me

Devil laughs baleful venom

another soul claimed.

I have to admit, the idea for this came from elsewhere. I read Brian Millers blog  and the idea for this just sprang into my mind after reading the second verse.

“wondering at the result
of the next spin, sending me round
the bend”

Just seemed to fit so perfectly with my image of what Russian Roulette might be like.

Thanks also to Victoria for the encouragement and help in understanding the Haiku. Its a form I have fallen in love with, thanks to her. I am experimenting all the time as the Haiku is so new to me. Some work, some don’t, some just dont hack it.

So thanks to you both for giving me some inspiriation for this effort. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but I try to be unique and offer something new constantly.


Receiving awards is pleasant it’s true,

So I am happy to accept this award made by you,

I hope its the first of many you see,

So thanks to all who nominated me!


Thanks to everyone who nominated me and to all at  Promising Poets’ Poetry Cafe for this award.

I would like to nominate mindlovemisery for her piece Marionettes.


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