The 27 Club

Now as rumour has it,
Theres a unique club with a special clientel,
Who made their pact with the Music Man,
Along the road to Hell.
Talented men and women who,
Were the best that they could be,
All went down to the Crossroads,
For the Music Man to see.
The 27 club was opened,
Upon that shabby road,
The Music Man would come a callin’
With an invite to his abode.
Play or sing a song for him,
A little ‘fore 12 at night,
From the dark he will approach,
You and the music he will unite.
He’ll tune up your guitar or harmonica,
Give you words to write your song,
These are the gifts of the Music Man,
But to him you now belong.
Its a heavy price that you must pay,
The Music Man gets your soul,
Then you join “The 27 club”,
And play your Rock n Roll.
Some famous names you’ll get to meet,
Like Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain,
Brian Jones and Janis Joplin,
Robert Johnson and Gary Thain.
They all payed the ultimate price,
At 27 they were taken,
For it was in the contract,
Their lives they must forsaken.

I have been absent due to other commitments/illness/poker/life but hopefully will be blogging a little more from here on in.

This is my own little tribute to all the great musicians/singers and songwriters who all make The 27 Club.

The latest member of The 27 Club is Amy Winehouse, who joins the ever increasing list of musicinas/singers/songwriters who have died aged 27. Its a pretty impressive list and I should have posted this about 2 weeks ago on the anniversary of Robert Johnson’s death.

RIP to all members of this exclusive club and a big thanks to all the joy you gave to many of us.


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