Of doubt, for I am filled,
Of recourse, for there is none,
Of lethargy, for energy is no more,
Of light, the day is gone.

For doubt, release thy confidence,
For recourse, find thee a friend,
For lethargy, ignite thyself,
For light, may darkness end.

Of beauty, only thy scars remain,
Of strength, thy weakness prevails,
Of love, hatred fills thy void,
Of faith, see thy belief is frail.

For beauty, look within,
For strength, unleash thy force,
For love, feel thy passion,
For faith, seek thy source.

Of happiness, wallow in thy misery,
Of reward, the prize hath vanished,
Of compassion, only feel thy suffering,
Of hope, thy expectation is banished.

For happiness, see thy smile,
For reward, seek no compensation,
For compassion, show thy mercy,
For hope, see thy revelation.


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