Summers Retreat.

As summer days wane and weave,
Into Autumn, as the warmth doth leave,
Profusions of colour leap from trees so tall,
Leaf by leaf, the colours fall.

Daylight shortens, darkness lingers,
Slowly gripped in Autumns fingers,
Cool breezes morph into howling gales,
Frost and ice will soon prevail.

Berries weigh heavy on mountain ash,
As squirrels add nuts to their winters stash,
Hedgehogs seek their hibernation,
Swallows take wing to their own migration.

Winter coats, boots, scarves and hats,
Halloween lanterns and witches cats,
Summer now seems so long ago,
It wont be long until there’s snow.

But I still love Autumn in all its glory,
Each landscape tells a unique story,
A harvest of fruit and grain is replete,
As we mourn another summers retreat.


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