For the Love of Daddy

I guess since Tinks arrived, this subject [Taboo] has come to mean more to me than any other. I have never understood the motives of paedophiles and I never will. They prey on helpless children which I find repulsive. If anyone lay a hand on Tinks, I would not be held responsible for my actions. So with that in mind, I wrote this in response to a dVerse  prompt which is the hardest prompt to come my way yet. I can only summise what must go through a childs mind at such times.
Weary from a long days  study,
I lay upon my restless bed,
Thoughts surround me, stabbing,
Coursing through this aching head.

Lights turned out and curtains drawn,
I lay in this dark so deep,
And yet, when I close my eyes,
I cannot suffer the will of sleep.

Then I hear the noise I dread,
The creaking of the bottom stair,
The footfalls light as he ascends,
Again entrapped in this wicked snare.

I hear his breathing as he stands so still,
Listening for any sounds within,
The seconds are hours, minutes are eons,
The sweat stands suffering on my skin.

There he stands so stauesque,
His feet cast shadows below my door,
The doorknob starts to turn,
My hopes crash unto the floor.

I lie in dread as the door opens slowly,
Then my mother calls his name,
For this night maybe I am safe,
From him and his evil game.

Those images are with me now,
Like yesterdays they hang around,
Sitting in this prison cell,
While he lies in the ground.

He cant touch me anymore,
Or look at me with lustful eyes,
I dont have to live this painful life,
Or listen to his grudging lies.

So now I know my end is near,
The damage done upon this wreck,
I tie the sheet to the prison bars,
Then tie it round my neck.


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