This little story is steeped in history and is in two parts true, with a little poetic licence thrown in for good measure.

I once read about a man who walked across the Atlantic. I instantly thought it would be some religious piece or a nutcase [like me] writing fanciful stories. But my mother in law, who knows the area well, told me that it was true, it is possible to walk over the Atlantic, or rather, walk over The Bridge Over The Atlantic.

This is where you say,”Yeah, yeah yeah, there is no bridge over the Atlantic”

Well there is and I have walked over it on more than one occasion.

On the other side of the Bridge Over the Atlantic from mainland Scotland, lies Seil Island. A beautiful, tranquil place that we have spent many hours enjoying over the years. The first place you come to is the Tigh-an-Truish Inn. A wonderful place, with a place in history that always makes me laugh whenever I think about the place.

It is alleadged, that, during the Jacobite rebellion in 1745, the wearing of kilts was banned on mainland Scotland. Anyone from Seil Island heading over to the mainland had to stop at the Tigh-an-Trish and change from kilt to trousers, Tigh-an-Truish meaning, House of Trousers. The image [if you know the theory of what Scotsmen wear under thier kilts] of a Inn full of Scotsmen, changing from kilt to trousers while enjoying a wee dram always makes me laugh. I am sure any passers by would get a real shock 😉

So if you ever visit the West Coast of Scotland. Walk upon the Bridge Over the Atlantic and stop in at the Tigh-an-Truish for a drink and a meal and you never know, you might just catch a Scotsman changing from his kilt into his trousers!




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