Who Am I?

You cannot see what I see, You see,
Only what I want you to see.
My facade is granite, unpenetrable, solid,
Masking who I am,
From a world that doesn’t understand, or,
Doesn’t want to.

Smile me that everlasting smile,
Oh, I can smile back, laugh even,
Do you really want me too?
Are you afraid to see me smile? or laugh?
Or just afraid?

If you knew, you wouldn’t want me, only,
If you knew,
Nevertheless, you will never know, as I,
Will not, reveal,
The truth,
Behind the lie.

For that is what I am, a lie,
Yet I show you the truth,
You are blinded, by your greed, to be,
Somebody, anybody,
5 minutes of fame, celebrity, corrupt you,
To your very core.

Who am I?
You already know the answer to that question,
Yet still you ask,
Yesterday, today, tomorrow,
The same question,
Always the same question.

Who am I?

I am whoever you want me to be!


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