Gods of War

The walls of Troy stand so strong and so proud,
The trumpets warn of the oncoming war cloud,
A warrior arrives, a hero to all,
Will the walls of Troy thereafter fall?

A fleet of galleys, a thousand strong,
To Agamemnon,s war machine they belong,
To avenge his brothers honour and pride,
On Achilles shoulders hopes of victory shall ride.

Brave Hector,a Trojan, Priams favourite son,
Paris the lover, the beautiful one,
Helen, Queen of Menelaus,The Spartan King,
Their elopement responsible for the war it would bring.

Agamemnon dishonours Achilles, who refuses to fight,
Achilles prays to Thetis to help Trojans plight,
Hector forces the Greeks to retreat,
Back to the beaches on the verge of defeat.

Patroclus leads the Myrmidons behind Achilles back,
Wearing his armour he commands the attack,
He meets Hector in battle, a fight to the end,
Achilles enraged by the death of his friend.

Achilles wreaks havoc on the armies of Troy,
Seeking out Hector who he longs to destroy,
Finally they meet, a ferocious engagement ensues,
A battle that Hector will eventually lose.

The fall of Achilles which would lead to his death,
Was predicted by Hector with his last dying breath,
Paris put an arrow into Achilles heel,
The only weakness his armour revealed.

The Greeks tricked the Trojans with a glorious horse,
An act that was to alter this war and its course,
Into Troy this victory trophy was wheeled,
Trojans oblivious to what it concealed.

Under cover of darkness, from the horse they emerged,
Unlocking the gates, into Troy the Greeks surged,
The city was sacked, its great walls were taken,
Razed to the ground and then left forsaken.

Achilles and Hector, our Gods of War,
Fall into myth, legend and lore,
Immortal heroes that shall live on forever,
In stories and fables of all their endeavours.



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