The Look

I happened to read, the other day, a post from C. Rose that is in the form of Hyper- Thrice.  It is a form I have not come across before and I just had to have a bash at seeing if I could write one to the form that made some semblance of sense. So my task for today was to attempt my own Hyper Thrice and see if its creator thinks I have done it justice.

So here goes,

That lost look,
That most beautiful face,
Haunted by lies, untruths, betrayal?

Could that be a twisted portrayal?
For us all to embrace,
That lost look.

That hard look,
That granite chiseled face,
Cold eyes freeze glazier deep, vivid blue?

A persona you wish to construe?
One that would help replace,
That lost look.

That soft look,
Tender, loving, fervent,
Enslaving my soul, bend to your will?

This prophecy, the urge to fulfill?
I am bound, a servant,
To that look.

Any comments, constructive critisisms accepted with gratitude as it only helps me grow into a better poet and person.


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