Thirty Three

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If, I said IF, you are easily offended, maybe you should not read this. Its definately not for children!

“Dig if you will a picture,
Of you and I engaged in a kiss,
The sweat of your body covers me,
Can you my darling,
Can you picture this?”

Lyrics courtesy of Prince, When Doves Cry

Sensual images, of symbolic numbers,
Plummet, comparable to,
An avalanche in my reflections

Yesterday,Forty seven, so supine,
Last week, Ninety one, bordering on the divine,
Twenty six, Tomorrow, a wondrous depiction,
Fifty two? fervid, beyond description.

I ache for eighteen, lascivious invite.
Seventy one, Pandora’s delight,
Carnal mind saturated by concupiscent Seven,
Obsessive arousal from erotic Eleven.

Sixty nine, those oral temptations,
Eighty four, sublime flagellations,
Rapturous two, exquisite copulations,
Seductive One, serendipitous masturbations.

Thirty three, epicurean numeral of today,
Extra special in its own way,
Disguised, we lay upon the barren floor,
With moistened lips, we do adore,
Each Other.

If you should wish to know why this piece is called Thirty Three, click the image and all will be revealed.


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