I know, I understand, I have a very addictive nature. I become so absorbed in whatever it is that is my current obsession, everything and everyone have little meaning. Maybe my star sign is having an influence on what I am, maybe my family genetics dictate that I am this way, maybe I am just slightly crazy? Who knows? I think I have just about learnt to live with these things, never expecting them to become a reality, just taking them for what they are, a dream, wishful thinking or whatever label we want to put on it. But, no matter what I try, I cannot prevent them from becoming what they become, whatever ‘they’  we are talking about. These dalliances with differing obsessions are now somewhat tiresome. I wish they would stop, but they don’t, they just keep popping up. So I thought, what the hell, lets write about my latest ‘obsession’ it appears to be a pretty decent prompt/muse type thingamabobs.

My latest obsession has been growing to what it is for some time now. I know that much about myself to see what is happening, when, where and how and about what. That doesn’t give me any higher level of control, I just know about it and let it take its course and hopefully come out the other end no worse for the experience.

I doubt/hope, this latest object of my obsessive behaviour will ever be aware of my feelings and longings. My hope is, that by next week, something else has come along that takes my fancy. I think being obsessive about a game, a book or film is fine. When that obsession  turns towards a person, maybe that ain’t quite so healthy? I am not some mad axe murderer or internet stalker, although some may find that hard to believe 😉 just a man who has some weird ideas sometimes and some dreams and fantasies that are pretty harmless.

So anyway, without further digressions, read on

I see that enigmatic smile,
That angelic face, beaming,
A look so radiant,
I cannot, will not, help myself, as
I dive into those eyes, that
See me, yet disbelieve what they

I long each day, for
Just one touch, one
Touch, filled with the electricity, of
A thousand storms, yet,
I am to be disappointed, the
Yearning continues again, and

You know not of what I speak, you
Are oblivious, to
My desires, my
Silent screams, the
Longing to hold you, in
My arms, just

The words upon the page, are
Mirrors of your mood, captured
In the blink of an eye, to
Be preserved, for
Eternity and beyond, the
Click of the lense, will not

From afar I watch, day
Pass into night, yet,
You are close enough to touch, your
Breath, soft as silk, glides
Across this weary stare, glazed
By your beauty, that

My world will end, expire
Never knowing what it is, to
Kiss those tender lips, taste
All that is you, feel
The touch of your fingers, or
Your arms holding me,


This is my obsession, you
Are my obsession,
Fear me not, for I
Could not hurt you, nor
Hate you, I
Only want, to
Love You.


11 responses to “Obsession

  • brian miller

    obsessions can become dangerous things if we dont keep them in check…trust me, i had a few internet stalkers…haha…ok so you said you are not that far gone but…smiles.

  • Victoria

    I think most of us (poets) are a bit on the edge and perhaps that’s why we feel more deeply. Brian gives good advice. My current obsession is cleaning cupboards, but I’m managing to ignore it. Ha!

  • Pat Hatt

    God I had one internet stalker too, obsession’s can be a scary thing, but they can make us better too and help us get what we want, a fine line though between crazy and just a tad crazy..haha

  • The Orange Tree

    only want to love, not to hate or hurt,

    lovely ending,
    have fun with your obsession.

    • Tino

      Nah, not really. I have put up with this addictive nature for a lot of years. I know it like you know a friend, I respect it and I have it completely under control. I just think its an interesting character trait that a lot of people would not admit to. I only write about it because it helps me deal with my emotions [thanks head doc].
      I know Brian that I am slightly crazy 😉 I just hope it never develops into something more.
      And I have never stalked a single person in my life, nor will I. I see a face and fall in love. That emotion dilutes over time. Throughout I respect a persons space and life and do not infringe upon it in any way, shape or form.
      Thanks for the responses folks, enjoy reading what others think, although I might not always agree with those thoughts and opinions.

  • claudia

    i think obsessions can quickly control us just a minute after we think everything is well under control..had to laugh about victoria’s obsession..and glad she can control it…smiles.. and think you can as well

  • Tino

    Not had that happen to me yet and hope it never does. Today, I am reading poetry, tomorrow, poker? Who knows? I go where my nose leads me. Follow your nose and you are never lost 😉

  • C Rose

    love it by letting it go…compelling piece this week Tino, enjoyed your expression here! ~ Rose

  • Poets Rally


    How is your day?

    Glad to land here,
    Amazing poetic muses shared,

    Welcome joining us for poets rally week 57,
    A random poem or a free verse is okay.
    Hope to see you in.

    Happy Thursday.

    • Tino

      I always want to post offerings, but with time at a premium these days, I cannot always meet the requirements to view and comment on 18 other posts. I try to respond to as many as I can, I just feel 18 is a bit heavy when you consider that I have a life away from poetry and the internet and also other groups that I try to be active with.

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