Wednesday Poetry Challenge #6

I decided to try out a challenge and see what happens. The ask is, find a poem from a blog and comment on it. So thats what I have done. Just click the link and take a look at this talented writer. I don’t want to do a critique or anything like that, it’s not that kind of poem. I just want to draw attention to it so that hopefully, more people laugh like I did when I read it.


I discovered this offering from a Mister Linky at  open link night. I always try to read offerings that are written by a person who’s work is new to me.

I think we all need to laugh and smile more, hell, I know I do and this post made me laugh until my side ached.

The title is from a television advert in the UK for a franchise optician called Specsavers. It was that title which really grabbed me.

The post itself was brilliant, but I would say that wouldn’t I, it made me laugh so much. Go see for yourself and if you dont laugh, come back and kick my butt.

Anyway, enjoy!

Just in case you have no idea what I am talking about, watch this,


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