Love to Hate

Over at dVerse,  Victoria has come up with the prompt of emotion. Pop over and have a look and maybe post something yourself.

This starts very seriously, but as it develops, I try to inject a little humour and a few things that the reader will empathise with and maybe even chuckle at. I saw this form used the other day and I always try to have a go at new forms if I am able.

The smoking stacks of power stations,
The rapid increase of rising inflation,

A child dying in the arms of starvation
His brother dying of stark dehydration,

Nuclear warheads grasp a world in their fear,
Battles over earths last great frontiers,

Financial institutions overflowing with greed,
Men kind in words, but never in deed,

Terrorists who kill in the name of their god,
Dictators that rule with their cruel iron rod,

The thief who steals what is not rightfully theirs,
The man in the street who no longer cares,

The peers who pass on titles to heirs,
The crooked broker who buys and sells shares,

Those who hurt animals for the buzz that they get,
The actions of yesterday we may live to regret,

Traffic jams that stretch for mile upon mile,
The apathy inflicted on this beautiful isle,

Trains always late, buses never on time,
Days that I struggle to find the right rhyme,

Nights that are sleepless and incredibly long,
Those who think they are right but are so often wrong,

Heartburn that strikes when you least expect,
The URL that just wont connect,

Waiting in queues that simply dont move,
Poker hands that never improve,

A teacher patronising students all day,
That niggling ache that just wont go away,

Taxi drivers who take the wrong route,
Computers that freeze so I have to reboot,

Beer with a head thats bigger than mine,
That bottle of vinegar pretending its wine,

Shopping trolleys that refuse to go straight,
Just some of the things I love to hate!


12 responses to “Love to Hate

  • brian miller

    ok i smiled at the URL that would not connect…dont you hate that…smiles..the beer line too…haha…the more serious ones, yeah they are on my list as well…

  • tinkwelborn

    Okay…yes, I laughed at your poetic list of pet peeves;
    glad they’re just a ”few” LOL.

    great couplets, in very funny laundry list.
    is the emotion hate or laughter here?
    I (your reader) fell for the latter.

    thanks for sharing.

  • Victoria C. Slotto

    URL’s and heartburns and many of the more important things. Just love this, Justin. If I ever become homicidal, it will be if I see someone abusing a child or animal. My blood pressure goes up just at the thought of it.

  • Kathy Bischoping

    I liked the beer-vinegar pairing, the little bit of poking fun at oneself and the unexpectedness of vinegar pretending it is wine.

    It’s possible that with the subject being stuff that’s loathsome, the poem could be read as trivializing the major, globally-felt concerns listed earlier. That kind of juxtaposition would be really cool and entertaining if it was about one’s own character or a particular person (e.g., Brad never listens to me AND he overcooks the penne), so reading your poem definitely makes me want to try and play like this sometime.

  • claudia

    you got a mixture of very serious things on your list – the starving kids..a shame that this still happens in our oh so civilized world.. and some made me smile… love the URL that just wont connect – but for me this works as a great metaphor as well..and made my mind wander on..

  • amira

    sums up the world and its petty crazy people, in one page.
    “The URL that just wont connect” is one that I can relate to
    at a personal level, as is happening with me right now
    i share with you

    the rest i agree too 🙂

  • pandamoniumcat

    I love it! It’s great you injected the humour, it makes you ponder even more…loved the beer with big head and vinegar pretending its wine…

  • Lindy Lee

    Couplets in tetrameter, rants along quickly with infectious rhythm. Victoria’s prompt prompted your muse. If you’re not a rapper, you need one to take this on the road! I shall read it a few more times, now, because it’s hard to let it go…

  • ManicDdaily

    I also like beer-vinegar best! Whoa. A lot of frustration well-expressed. K.

  • Luke Prater

    Serious stuff… plenty of emotion here Tino

  • libraryscene

    Awe, Tino, a nice hodgepodge here of serious and seriously annoying! Yes, the URL is fab, but I’m more about the computer freezing til you reboot, oy! Nice to see ya around the ‘neighborhood’ again, cheers ~

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