Not Only Bill Gates Has Windows!

Its that time of year  and one of my favourite subjects exists again. Each year it is different, some new theme or other. Some good, some great, some not so good. Reborn every year around the same time. Fenwicks Window is back!

Fenwicks is one of the oldest establishments in this fair city of ours. It is obviously owned by the Fenwick family who it is named after. The first shop opened in 1882 in its present location and is still run by the Fenwick family. They also have shops in London, Leicester, York, Windsor, Canterbury,  Tunbridge Wells and Brents Cross.

Every year, they do the most fantastic window displays along the full length of the store frontage, which is long! Its always a Christmas theme and the children love it. So do many of the parents who have grown up alongside the window displays. They truly brighten up Northumberland Street during the festive break and many familes make the journey into the City center just to view the window.

The whole company is just now coming into the 21st century. They have a website now that in its infancy. The store boasts one of the largest toy departments in the UK. Its one of those few remaining stores where you can go and buy just about anything. You can lose yourself in the place as it covers 3 floors and a basement. The goods are quality, maybe a bit on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for.


They come to the city just to see more,
The window of the Fenwick family store,
Always colourful, picturesque and bright,
It really is a wonderful sight.

The display brings joy at this time of year,
You can understand why, its perfectly clear,
A winter wonderland in all its glory,
It always tells the most amazing story.

There’s figures of the future, present and past,
The array of characters is always so vast,
There’s pixies and elves and Santa Claus too,
Rudolph the reindeer and the rest of his crew.

Children’s faces light up when they see the display,
Its hard to believe the sights they survey,
These are the things that make Christmas so pleasant,
Along with a mince pie and the occasional present.


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